What We Do

ACC offers educational programming and performances that allow people of all ages and ability levels to engage in the rich history, traditions and cultures of Africa.

Our goals are to:

African Dance

Dance is a primal form of communication and is deeply rooted in us and can bind communities together. ACC shares how traditional dances are performed for significant events and rites of passage, from birth to death. Students learn the history and meaning behind traditional dance and how it connects with present-day genres.

African Drumming

African music represents life – complex and polyrhythmic. The multidimensional rhythm and beats of authentic African drums give voice to meaningful stories of our culture. Learners are taught the significance and purpose behind the various drumming techniques.

African Crafts

African art has inspired creatives from around the world and is a form of expression – sharing emotions, representing life celebrations and more. Students create their own African crafts, such as masks, stamped cloth, jewelry, shakers and drums while learning about the significance of these objects in African culture.

African Stories

Traditional African storytelling is an integral art form for most indigenous peoples that reveals ideas, themes, beliefs and facts that are widely spread amongst a tribe or region. Students learn that African stories have a purpose – to interpret the universe, teach morals, maintain cultural values, pass on history and satisfy curiosity.

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