Engaging Performances

In our community, we work every day to inspire others to see themselves in Africa’s rich culture and history. By bringing our performers to the stage, we share the thread that unites and connects us all.

ACC brings Africa to the community by showcasing live music and dance experiences and sharing arts and crafts opportunities. We partner with organizers and businesses to tailor presentations that meet the needs and abilities of those who are attending. Presentations can include:

  • Workshops (youth, adults, employee teambuilding, wellness at work)
  • School assemblies
  • Student groups
  • Public performances
  • Summer camps

Our artists bring the rhythms of Africa to the heartland with energetic and colorful performances at a variety of public and private events. ACC works with event organizers to determine the best type of music and/or dance performances that would engage the attendees. Artists are available to mingle with audience-goers afterwards to share more about African culture and arts.

Annual Community Event

Each year, ACC holds its annual community event. Through this event, we build public awareness of our mission and programs. We interact and connect with our long-standing supporters, and give our community an opportunity to learn more about the importance of African culture.

Stay tuned for more information coming soon about our next event in 2024.

Click here to read about our past event, Africa Djawa.

Public Event Performances

ACC is proud to have been included in the following events in 2022 – 2023.

  • Viva l’Afrique
  • LULAC Immigrant Heritage Festival
  • Durham Holiday Cultural Festival
  • MCC International Fair
  • Afro Gala
  • Africa Day Celebration
  • Mandela Fest
  • AfroFest Omaha
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