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Charles Ahovissi

Charles Ahovissi is a professional artist, dancer, drummer, choreographer, educator, stage costume designer and tailor. He is an approved teaching and performing artist through the Nebraska and Iowa Art Councils. Charles began his dancing career in 1984 when he joined the National Ballet Company of Benin, West Africa. In 1987, Charles left the National Ballet and joined the Super Anges Dance Troop that toured extensively throughout the world performing and teaching traditional African dance and music.

In 2006, Charles established ACC. This organization provides Charles the freedom to share his knowledge and love of Africa through traditional dancing, drumming and arts to foster a better understanding of Africa’s diverse and beautiful cultures. Charles and ACC promote unity by offering students social and physical activity through dancing and drumming during public performances, school assemblies, residencies and workshops.

Lisa Harrison Jackson

Lisa has a deep appreciation for both the arts and education. Her journey in education spans from teaching middle school through college, including adult ESL. Her love for the arts, particularly writing was developed in her youth and later honed as an adult. Her efforts turned fruitful in 2006 when her freshman novel was picked up by an international publisher. Shortly after, she dove into playwriting when she was encouraged to turn her first novel into a stage production, resulting in her eventually writing, producing and directing 16 productions as well as writing content for television. What Lisa enjoys the most about the writing process is the development stage where intricate plot lines are created, moving the story through the eyes and experiences of intriguing characters. She is very excited to join the ACC team and looks forward to learning more while sharing her gifts. When she is not in her creative writing space, she is reading, tending to her garden or traveling too far off places with her husband and 2 daughters.

Board of Directors


MONICA WELLS, Vice President

BIDONG TOT, Secretary

SAM DICKSON, Treasurer




CHARLES AHOVISSI, Executive/Artistic Director

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