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African Culture Connection (ACC), an Omaha-based 501(c)3 nonprofit organization providing cultural arts education for audiences of all ages, is seeking a Director of Operations who will be responsible to improve the business processes of the ACC office and organization in keeping with the ACC mission statement. This position will report directly to ACC’s Executive/Artistic Director and will be an ad-hoc nonvoting member of the Board of Directors. The qualified candidate should possess strong skills in administration and organizational development; organizational planning; marketing; finance, budget development and accounting; decision making; communication; fund raising; and technology (i.e. presentation software, website management, social media communication, Quick Books and Microsoft Office Suite).

A college degree is required. 1-2 years of experience in a leadership role and some experience or familiarity with African culture are preferred but not required.  Beginning pay $45,000 can be increased commensurate with experience.

Date Posted:  8/23/2017                 Date Needed:  9/22/2017

How to Apply:  Send completed application and resume to

Job Responsibilities:

*Full responsibility to improve the business processes of the office and organization through analysis and collaboration

*Input into ACC’s business and all aspects of events and programs related to ACC

*Maintenance of records related to training, scheduling (including calendar) and evaluation of Teaching Artists and Performing Artists

*Input into and maintenance of records regarding all HR issues related to ACC staff including compensation structures, staff usage, and staff size

*Input into, planning of, and implementation of all marketing plans, approaches, and materials

*Input into, planning of, and implementation of all decisions related to ACC’s real property including financing, acquiring, maintaining, storing, and transporting instruments and costumes as well as acquiring technology and furnishings for ACC

*Full responsibility for meeting financial goals; communicating with finance entities (i.e. accountants, IRS, insurance entities, leasing agents, vendors); maintaining records (including Quick Books); and sharing communications and financial decision making with Executive/Artistic Director

*Full responsibility for supervising and evaluating the Administrative Assistant and sharing concerns or results with Executive/Artistic Director

* Input into budget construction and budget expenditures for ACC and securing approval by the Board of Directors

*Generation of and implementation of fund raising efforts (grants, donations, sponsorships, performance for pay events) for ACC

*Shared responsibility for Community Outreach, organizational capacity building, and organizational development



(More information coming soon.)



(More information coming soon.)


African Culture Connection

African Culture Connection